Your Website

Your website is built upon the open source PHP framework WordPress.  WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems available, is fully customizable and extremely flexible.  There are thousands of plugins and themes readily available for use that are constantly being developed and improved upon.  I’ve chosen this framework to build your site in part for it’s ease of use.  It is simple for the end-user to make quick changes to pages and content without needing to know anything about HTML code or programming.  The documentation for that framework is available here.

This framework has also been chosen for use with the bulk of websites I currently host and maintain.  Handling these websites in a uniform manner greatly simplifies things, particularly in regards to updates and security measures.  Your WordPress install may necessitate the use of several plugins and themes, all of which are likely to be third-party contributions.  Although the needs of your site may be very specific and require custom modification of some theme or plugin files, your site will necessarily have all of the plugins I describe in the next several sections.  Any plugin may have a use, but these are absolutely essential – at least in my opinion.  So they are installed to your site.  If you are curious as to what they do or why they are here, I’ve included that information here for reference.  Click on the links to the right to learn more about them.

cPanelThe server your site runs on is an Apache/Linux server with a cPanel interface.  I may have only provided you with a WordPress login, but your login details for the server administration page can be provided upon request.  The hosting area is technically considered to be “shared hosting” space, but the server administrators partition their resources in such a way that there are more than enough resources available to handle hundreds of additional websites.  Backups of files and databases are performed on a regular basis, both daily and weekly.  Addresses to access additional server features will be in the following format:

The remaining sections detail the plugins that will be included with your WordPress installation.  There may be plugins in addition to these, but at least the ones described here will be included.