On Quality… A website's goal should be to connect us digitally in the way we are already connected through Quality.

What guarantees the objectivity of the world in which we live is that this world is common to us with other thinking beings. Through the communications that we have with other men we receive from them ready-made harmonious reasonings. We know that these reasonings do not come from us and at the same time we recognize in them, because of their harmony, the work of reasonable beings like ourselves. And as these reasonings appear to fit the world of our sensations, we think we may infer that these reasonable beings have seen the same thing as we; thus it is that we know we haven’t been dreaming. It is this harmony, this quality if you will, that is the sole basis for the only reality we can ever know.

Robert M. Pirsig in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

  • Business services or advertisements used on the websites must fill some form of need in a conscientious way.
  • Websites made for the generation of profit need to do so on their own merits, not through the sale or rental of advertising space.
  • All sites must be free to use and not require a paid-for membership in order to utilize.
  • All internally used frameworks, shopping carts, or technology must be open source, even if there’s a fee for its use.
  • No pornography.
  • No spam — be it in the form of anything generated by the site itself, used to promote the website, or posted by way of comment to the site by a third party — you must moderate your own blogs or comment areas.
  • No bullying.
  • Site and associated business must not disparage a person or group of people in any way, shape or form.
  • Site and associated business must not engage in any practice that would be detrimental to the environment.
  • All posts and comments either by the site owner or the visitors to that site should be moderated such that the level of profanity is kept to a minimum. "Trolling" and "flame wars" are unacceptable.
  • Site and associated business must provide honest information.

Contact me directly if there are any questions or concerns about any of these, as I realize some are of a very subjective nature. However, typically if I’ve accepted the project, your site is not at risk of these behaviors, and the intention of your site and its future use has been made clear.

Service Suspension: results from deviation of terms described above, failure to remit payment within a reasonable length of time, or the refusal of the client to make arrangements towards that end. Suspension will last an arbitrary length of time dependent on circumstance in case service is still desired.

Service Termination: in the event that services are no longer desired, all materials – including the URL – will be relinquished upon request. If an operational website is still needed, the client is responsible for acquiring the services of an alternate hosting provider and domain registrar.

Intellectual Property: all coding used within project. All coding, logic and techniques developed is subject to further development and/or reuse, with the exception that it won’t be utilized in a project that competes with the original.

Domains: URLs are always relinquished upon request. Note that – in the case of service termination – it is your responsibility to acquire the services of your own registrar in order to acquire ownership of the URL. Do so prior to expiration of the domain name if you still want to use it, as once the domain is expired, resellers tend to pick these up for resale at a price much higher than their actual value.