Why InProgress…? What InProgress provides

  • Full service web hosting and development
  • Customized websites and services to your specifications
  • Fair pricing for the latest programming technologies available
  • I live downtown in Indianapolis, Indiana. Your website will be hosted remotely. Whether you are local or remote to myself, a decentralized online presence is a valuable addition to any business.
  • I have extensive exeperience with PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS of all flavors. I will recommend a framework (CodeIgniter, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal) or JavaScript toolkit (MooToos, jQuery) based on what you want your website to accomplish if you don’t already have one.
  • All accepted projects must meet and adhere to strict ethical and quality guidelines.
  • There are Computer Science majors with 4 year degrees that do what I do; I am not one of them. I studied for 2 years and learned nothing of web design in those courses. Everything else was acquired through actual real-world experience starting back when Prodigy, AOL and Netscape were things. With enough time, patience and coffee I could have taught those courses better than their professors could have, using a textbook I wrote myself.
  • I am an individual person, not a large web design firm. I sub-contract when needed. I am personally available to you – virtually – 24/7.
  • Whether you’re getting a website for the first time or upgrading an old one, consider what your need your site to accomplish for you and contact me with those details.